Aged Care Certificate 3 Assignments




phone numbers; list a number where a message can be left



The career objective should always be in line with the job you are applying for.

For example:

I am looking for part time work while I complete my studies.

I am looking for a plumbing apprenticeship


When preparing an application select those of your skills and attributes that are most relevant to the position you are applying for.

Skills may be of different kinds:

  • Technical skills, such as those you learn in your course or through work or work experience
  • Employability skills such as team work, problem solving


Write the most recent first and work backwards.  Set out some key competencies from your course if you are using the course for entry to a new line of work:

2014                 Certificate III in Aged Care, Box Hill Institute

Subjects include:

  • Work Effectively with Older People
  • Follow WHS Safety Procedures for Direct Care Work

Work Placement

Dates                 Name of organisation


 2013                                                    Victorian Certificate of Education

Subjects studied:

English, Further Maths, Health and Human Development, Biology


2013                                                    First Aid, Level 1



Work from the most recent backwards (usually)

Set out the dates during which you were employed, the name of the company and the name of the position you held. Briefly list your responsibilities, for instance:

March 2012 ongoingCustomer Service Officer, Harrison’s Supplies,


  • responding to phone queries
  • processing orders
  • first response to and correct forwarding of complaints.


Set this out like paid work


Set this out like paid work


Use this category if you don’t have much experience or if the job advertisement specifies desirable characteristics.

List qualities that you have that will be useful in the work place, for example: punctual, reliable, good attention to detail


List the name of the dates, organisations and the nature of your involvement in any community activities or sport. For example:

2012 (ongoing)          Bulleen Neighbourhood Watch


List the date you received an award, the name and what it was for.

June 2013,             Outstanding Student Leadership,


Sometimes they give an insight into the person.

B Grade Tennis, fitness,


The names, positions and contact details of people who can speak about your skills. Ask them if they will be referees before you put name in your resume. Tell them when you are going for an interview.

Marianne Jones                                             Craig Lee

Manager                                                         Teacher

’s Supplies                                         Box Hill Institute

Phone                                                              Phone

Email                                                               Email


Instructions to the Student 

Please read all the information given to you before you start any assessment task. If you do notunderstand some or all of the questions, please ask your trainer / assessor for assistance.If you are uncomfortable with any of these questions, please contact your assessor who will makealternative arrangements. Attempt to answer


questions in your own words on the assessmentpaper provided. The questions are designed to assess your understanding of the unit as well as yourunderpinning knowledge .To satisfactorily complete this assessment task you are required tocomplete the whole assessment. To do this you will need to answer all questions correctly anddemonstrate you have achieved the required knowledge to industry standards. This assessment isintended to be fair and flexible. If you feel that we should change any aspect of this assessment tobe fair, equitable or flexible, immediately contact your assessor who will attempt to makealternative arrangements.

Please Note:1.

This assessment may be re-assessed upon appeal


Upon notification of your assessment results, your trainer/assessor is able to provide you withadditional information on interpreting the assessment outcomes and guide you on your futureoptions.

Student’s name & ID:


 Assessment Instrument 1-Short questions


The government has various programs that assist the older people to live in their own homes.Explain to your client one such service/program available and how these programs can assistthem.

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