Police Brutality Research Essay Format

Fourth Claim Paragraph


A potential solution towards reducing police brutality can be found in the work of [name of author, researcher or public figure.] In [his/her/their] work, [Title], [he/she/they] write that [insert direct quote from source.] 




The families of those who have been victims of police brutality often become involved in leading [community resistance movements/protests/awareness campaigns/legal battles.] One such example is [describe a movement or protest that occurred following a specific instance of police brutality.]




  • Possible solutions to reduce instances of police brutality including increased training and accountability measures for law enforcement officers, community engagement and the provision of automatic surveillance camera devices on police vehicles and uniforms. 
  • Police brutality has a long history involving many political, economic and social factors.
  • Some prominent cases involving police brutality against unarmed individuals include the Rodney King case of 1991, the Trayvon Martin case of 2012 and the Michael Brown and Aaron Garner cases of 2014. However, police brutality can occur to anyone regardless of race or creed.  
  • Recent developments in technology including the presence of video cameras on cell phones has helped to bring more potential cases of police brutality to the forefront. 
  • Experts on the excessive use of force can be found within the legal, political and educational communities. 


Encyclopedia.com general definition of police brutality 


National Institute of Justice information on use of force


U.S. Department of Justice information on use of force and excessive force

Any scientific paper has its own type of structure - three main parts of work are: introduction, the largest main part, and conclusion. If you are not familiar with the rules on how to write a research paper on police brutality, look at this article. It may help you.

Tips for Writing:

  • make a structure;
  • do not use extra water;
  • make a list of literature;
  • give illustrations;
  • give tables.


The goal of research on police brutality (problematic issue, hypothesis), possible solutions to the problem of lining up as the tasks of paper (steps, by which the main issue to be resolved) are stated in the introduction. Do not forget this. You need to mention the relevance of your topic (what is the novelty of the work, where it can be used, why there was an idea to discuss this very issue). The introduction of the police brutality research paper should be brief - no extra "water."

The Main Part

The significant main part of the college research paper includes:

  1. The head of the scientific work, which briefly discusses the subject of the study: the properties, use, acquisition, etc. (This part is written with the support of several literature references). The heads of the research paper on police brutality should be provided with brief conclusions on the main information and a kind of logical bridges - transitions to work content looked like a unit.
  2. Practical part - the technique of experiment, observation, the data obtained.

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The Conclusion

The conclusion is the result of the whole work: it discusses the results, draw conclusions on the issue - think of the problems that were solved and of ones that were not solved, and why. Again, everything should be very brief and without extra beauty. At the end of the police brutality research paper, there should be the list of literature and application (drawings, diagrams, tables, charts, photos not included in the significant main part).

The Used Literature

When quoting excerpts from the text read this passage as you must enclose in quotation marks; if you are free to retell the text, then do not use quotes. It is not needed, as you can read in research papers help. Any exposure - cited or retold – should be followed with reference to the literary source. After quoted fragment, use square brackets with some literary sources. For instance: [1] - it means that this fragment is taken from the above list of references under number 1.

References shall be made in the alphabetical order of authors' names; if the book was written by a huge number of authors (collection, textbook, encyclopedia, etc.), it is placed on the list by initial letter of the title. It is obligatory.

In the beginning, sources in your native language are placed in the numbered list; then you should place works in foreign languages in alphabetical order with no separation by language. The references to sites on the Internet are after references on the above principle.

Rules of the Usage of Illustrations and Tables

All the illustrations given in the scientific paper denoted as drawings and have common numbering: signature below each drawing begins with his number: "Figure 1", "Fig. 2 ", etc., and the sign of the number is not assigned: the name is given after a number. So, this article explained to you how to write a research paper on police brutality.

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