Sample Cover Letter Format For A Painter

Painter Cover Letter

A cover letter that is a mailed or sent to the employers along with the resume serves multiple purposes. It helps us boost our career and reduce employer's efforts in selecting an appropriate candidate. A well-drafted cover letter will surely bring us luck in our career. Therefore, we should send it every time we apply for a particular job position. Cover letters are also of various types depending upon the purpose of your letter. There are some cover letter sent as application letter, some are prospecting letters while some request requirements for a particular profile. You can draft any type of cover letter as per your requirements using the format of the painter cover letter given here.

Job Description for Painter

Painting requires creativity and knowledge of mixing colors to create unique patterns on the walls. Painters should also have good physical strength and potential so that they can paint giant surfaces of walls and ceilings as well as furniture. Painters fix the cracks in the walls and ceilings. They should also have knowledge of operating compressors, sandblasters, spray equipment, striping machines, and other small power equipments that are used in giving a final touch to the constructed walls. Painters can take smaller contracts individually but most of the times they work in the construction organizations. Education is not an issue in this profession. Plenty of part-time as well as full-time employment opportunities are available for people who are really willing to work as painters.

The sample cover letter example for a painter given here will help you know the important points that should form a part of your cover letter. You can change the information given in this cover letter with your information and send it to the employers.

Sample Painter Cover Letter

David Walker
674 Brick Lane,
Green Leaf Cottage,
California - 54754,
United States
E-mail id:
Telephone number: (436)-927-4364

Date: September 8, 2011

Carl Greg
Southern United Constructions,
California - 94636,
United States

Subject: Application seeking position of painter
Reference: Martin Mathew working as a heavy equipment operator in your company

Dear Mr. Carl Greg,

I am a final year student studying in a business school. I am keenly willing to work as a part-time employee as a painter in your organization. I came to know from my friend Martin Mathew that you are looking for part-time painters who can work on night-shifts. I am available to work in this position, so please consider my application.

I have gone through on-job training in painting, varnishing, lacquering and fixing cracks in walls and ceilings for 1 year. I also have an ability to handle all the heavy and light weight equipment. I can adapt safe methods of painting and am capable of finishing the assigned task within time. My knowledge of mixing the colors and making unique textures as per the requirement of the clients will also be a help in satisfying the customers. I have included my detailed skills of painting in my resume. You can refer it to get a clear idea.

Will be waiting eagerly for your reply. You can use my contact details given above to reach me. If I am not reachable, you can drop a message for me with Martin Mathew. It would be a pleasure to work with you.

Thank you for reading my cover letter and valuing my application.

Sincerely yours,
David Walker

The most common mistakes made while writing a cover letter are grammatical mistakes which can be avoided by a proper review of the written letter. Sometimes, name and the designation of the employer are also mentioned incorrectly which can cost you a lot. Once you write your painter cover letter, read it thoroughly and correct mistakes if any. Wish you best of luck for your future.

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You should use the skills section to highlight both hard, technical skills and soft, personality-based skills.

This means that in relation to the former you might want to include the forms of media you are comfortable working with or the type of artistic genre you are most comfortable with. In relation to the latter, you might want to mention that you’re creative and dexterous.

The painter resume samples demonstrate a few good skills that jobseekers can include in their resumes. Of course, the skills you list also depend on what type of painting you will be doing. For instance, you may be hired to work on a construction crew alongside those who are building houses or commercial buildings. Your painting job has much different requirements than somebody who is working in fine arts with canvas and acrylics.

Skills a good commercial painter possesses may include the ability to work both solo and as a team member, ability to follow written and verbal instructions, meticulous attention to detail and possibly even the potential to aid with scaffolding used in the process of painting.

If you are more interested in the fine arts side of painting, your list of skills may look slightly different. You might want to include that you excel with painting on brick, wood, walls and canvases. It is also a good idea to mention your ability to work well with colors and different types of paint, whether you use oil or acrylic.

You might even discover that your city is looking for painters to assist with projects like covering graffiti and painting government buildings. Your ability to work with specific chemicals and painting machinery could come in handy. It might also be wise to mention that you have experience with minor repairs or in painting structures like bridges and signs.

No matter your skills, make sure that you are customizing your resume for each type of position you are applying for. You don’t want to list the same skills on your fine arts painting resume as you would for the resume you submitted to a construction crew.

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