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Users can enter HTML in Blackboard in a variety of ways. For example, users can enter HTML using the content editor in blogs and discussion boards, and through HTML file uploads. In the past, this has introduced a security threat in that users could enter potentially dangerous tags, such as script tags. Such tags could be used to execute malicious script in Blackboard Learn, exposing other users to attacks. This is referred to as cross scripting, which allows a user to have control over other user browsers.

Students are unable to embed video or web content using the standard <iframe> tags. If a student inserts or creates content with HTML code, the iframe tags are stripped out. This would apply to any resource with embed tools including YouTube, Vimeo, SlideShare, Prezi, VoiceThread, etc.

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  1. Students can use the mash-up tool to locate and embed a YouTube video. The mash-up tool is also available for SlideShare and Flickr.
    • For certain web resources or videos, however, students will have to link only as there is no mash-up for that resource.
    • YouTube may provide a check box to "use old embed code" that students can try instead of frames.
  2. Instructors, course builders, graders, and teaching assistants do have embed privileges. Therefore, they can modify a saved discussion post, blog or journal entry, etc. from a student, which should result in the video or web resource displaying properly.

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You can embed a YouTube video in Blackboard assignments (blogs, discussion posts, journals, wikis and assignments) anywhere you see the standard Blackboard text editor.

  1. In the third row of tools click the Mashups button and then selectYouTube.

! Note:If you do not see three rows of tools, select the button on the right with two arrows pointing down. That will open all of the tools.

  1. In the resulting pop-up window, enter search terms for the video, and selectGo.

Hint:If you already know the URL for the video you want to embed, you can paste that URL into the search field and it will find that one video.

  1.  In the resulting window, you will see the results of your search. You can selectPreview and watch the video to make sure it is the one you want before you clickSelect.

  1. After you select the video you want to embed, Blackboard will take you back to the original window. Be sure to name your post (item, assignment, etc.). You can click to place a cursor below the video and add additional text.
  2. When complete, selectPost Entry (or Submit, Post Discussion, etc. Different tools will have different button to save).

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