Karyotype Lab Ap Biology Essay

AP Biology Exam is May 14th, 2018




Daily Agenda:


2/1/18:  Ms. Biasucci's 1st Day Back!

              Introductions and semester feedback

              Hw:  None


New Unit!  Cell Reproduction and the Cell Cycle

AP Biology Big Idea 3:  Living systems store, retrieve, transmit and respond to information essential to life processes.

Essential Knowledge 3.A.2: In eukaryotes, heritable information is passed to the next generation via processes that include the cell cycle and mitosis or meiosis plus fertilization. 


Learning Objectives:

3.7: The student can make predictions about natural phenomena occurring during the cell cycle.

3.8:  The student can describe the events that occur in the cell cycle.


2/2/18:  PPT, Lecture, and Discussion:  Regulation of the Cell Cycle

TED video: Why is it so difficult to cure cancer?



1. Remembering Mitosis!

Perform the Virtual Lab on Onion Root Mitosis.  The goal here is to refamiliarize yourself with the phases of the cell cycle, be able to recognize the chromosomal configuration in a cell during each phase, and the compare the relative amount of time a cell spends in each phase.   Handout given in class.

Optional support for mitosis. Virtual Cell's Mitosis (vivid animation of a mitotic division)  

2.  The Eukaryotic Cell Cycle and Cancer Biointeractive  (click and start.  follow all directions on the handout) Answer Qs #1-22 (hard copies from class, it is also posted on the docs page). 




2/5/18: What are the Regulators of the Cell Cycle?  Continue the ppt. 

What is the difference between proto-oncogenes, oncogenes, and tumor suppressors? 

Chromebooks: Complete  the Eurkaryotic Cell Cycle and Cancer Biointeractive through #30

Study!  Your ppt and the interactive.  Quiz prep/practice handed out in class (not collected). Quiz on Wed.



2/6/18:  Review of cell signlaling as applied to cancer.

What if?   Look at each protein along a cell signaling pathway and predict what would happen if a genetic mutation caused a misfolded protein.  (Good biochem practice here!)

Hw: Two very relevant articles are posted below.  Read them. Think of content and increasing your technical reading skills!  Honing your skills at technical reading will help with the AP Exam questions! Pick one and summarize. To be collected.



1.Quiz!  Applying your knowledge of cell cycle regulation and cell signaling.

2. Cancer as a Genetic Disease (Activity)

Video Clip:  Dr. Sawyer/Cancer as a Genetic Disease 

Using Bioinformatics to classify cancer genes

HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee 

Which chromosomes contains oncogenes and/or tumor suppressors? 

Hw:  Radio Lab Episode "Life's Limits"    If you have never listened to Radiolab, then you are in for a treat!  We will use Radio Lab episodes frequently as hw assignments. Here's what you do:  listen to the episode and write a ONE PAGE REFLECTION (not a summary!!!).  Relate the episode to what we're learning about in class.  What questions does it bring up to you? Do you have personal experience in any way that can relate?  



ANNOUNCEMENT:  The NJ Science League Feb Test is tomorrow, Thursday 2/8 after school (D-wing, 2nd Floor)

Let Ms. B know asap if you would like to compete!  It's great practice for our curriculum.  




Continue and complete the cancer cell karyotypes and diagnose certain diseases.

Discussion: karyotyping, anueploidy, polyploidy, HeLa, chromosomal abnormalities


Bozeman's Cell Division  (the big picture of cell division in various cell categories)

Bozeman's Diploid and Haploid

Excellent Meiosis Animation

Take notes on all 3 videos, notes will be checked/collected



2/9/18: Introduction to Meiosis

Ppt, discussion, then modeling of meiosis with pop beads.


1. Read the Sordaria Lab Background and procedures (handed out in class) 

2. Bozeman's Sordaria Cross Lab video 

3. Watch the documentary Why Sex from the PBS Evolution Series. 

Answer the film guide questions handed out and /or posted on docs page 



2/12/18: Sordaria Lab and Gene Mapping           It is also DARWIN DAY!!!!!!

Hw:  Bozeman's Gene Mapping video

Gene Mapping practice 




2/13/18:  Gene Mapping 

Hw:  Radiolab's Sperm   (1 page reflection please)       

You are required to listen to the 1st and 3rd segments.  You can skip "Fatherhood" if you want.  


2/14/18: Valentine's Day Special Presentation!

"The Biology of Love"

Discussion, meiosis modeling, mating strategies


1. Finish Qs if necessary

2. More gene mapping practice.  Go to Documents page. Scroll down and print out and complete "Gene Mapping Exercise"


2/15/18:  Errors in Meiosis

Ppt and discussion


1. Diagnosing chromosomal abnormalities

Perform this Karyotyping Online Activity.  You will hand in 6 questions (2 for each patient).  Disregard the research question.

Note!  You must complete the patient history/karyotype to be directed to the questions.  

2. Epigenetics and Inheritance and Lick Your Rats

Answer the questions handed out in class. Also posted on docs page.

3. Study:  Cell Cycle Test on Tuesday. There is a brief vocab review sheet posted on docs page.


2/16-2/19 No School


2/20/18: Test  (AP Exam style test)

Cell Cycles:  


Regulation of Cell Cycle and Cancer


Errors/Chromosomal Abnormalities

Sexual Reproducation and Evolution


A Genetics Preview (no worksheet)

Bozeman's Mendelian Genetics (and worksheet posted on the video)      

All of this info should be review for you.  We will NOT spend time on the basics in class, so be sure you are comfortable with this information. 

Bozeman's Probability in Genetics.  Take notes!!  We will use this in lab tomorrow.




2/21/18: Probability, Random Chance, and Genetics

Chi-Square Lab Activity and Probability Practice


1. Finish questions and calculations on data if necessary

2. Complete the Genetics packet handed out in class. 


Supportive Resource:  Bozeman's Chi Square Test 


2/22/18: Mendelian Genetics, Probability, Pedigrees, and Chi-Square Statistics

Case Study: Sickle Cell Anemia

(we will spend 2 class periods on this)


        Probability Practice (worksheet given in class) 


Announcement!  Interested in a field trip to the Mutter Museum in Philly??  The Pre-Med Club is going on March 28th and their are available seats on the bus! Click this link to check it out and sign up if interested. Students will be accepted on a first come first served basis! This offer has been extended to all AP Biology students.


2/23/18: Continue the case study


1. Complete packet through #10.  Completing #11-12 is optional at this time.

2. Bozeman's Advanced Genetics and worksheet



2/26/18: Beyond Mendel: deciphering more complex patterns of inheritance found in nature

Sex Linkage

Co-dominance and human blood groups

Hw: TBA 


2/27/18:  Black History Assembly today (Periods 3A and 3B)

NOTE: Period 4 dropped


2/28/18: Continue and complete sex linkage, codominance, and environmental influence on gene expression

DNA Model Project assigned.  (Read Chapter 9.1 and 9.2 in your text and answer the concept questions for these sections to better help you create your model)


3/1/18: Comprehensive FRQ on Genetics and Statistics.


3/2/18:  Peer grading of FRQ



3/5/17:  DNA Structure and it's Role in Heredity

Animations:  Semi Conservative Model

Ppt:  DNA Replication

Supportive Media Clips:  Discovery of the Double Helix 

Hw:  Review the videos and tutorials (listed above)  Take the time to solidify your understanding of this material

                      and use it toward building your own DNA molecule.  


Watch these two videos on DNA Replication to better understand leading, lagging, and okazaki fragments.

                 DNA Replication 

                 3D DNA Replication (in prokaryotes) 


3/6/17:  1. Polymerase Chain Reaction Virtual Lab

How the basic principle of DNA replication is used to amplify DNA in vitro.  

When and why is PCR used? 

Modeling PCR Activity


Gene Switches  

1. Read Ch 9.3 and complete the concept Qs 

2. Complete "Apply the Concept" experimental activity on p. 189.



3/7/18: Snow Day Plans

Gene to Protein:  Introductions to Protein Synthesis

1. Bozeman's Transcription and Translation: take notes!

2.  View this tutorial on Protein Synthesis as a follow up to your modeling activity.

3.  Read Ch. 10.1 and do concept Qs. 


Remember DNA models due Friday!    Partnerships are encouraged! 




3/8/17:  Snow Day!


3/9/18: Protein Synthesis Lab Activity

HW: Gene Control in Eukaryotes


1. Alternative Splicing  tutorial

2. View the video about Transcription Factors and Promoters (posted on Videos Page)

3. Read 10.5 and do concept Qs. 


3/12/18: Continue and Complete the Protein Synthesis Packet



3/13/18: Gene Control in Prokaryotes Lab

The Lac Operon


3/14/18:  Protein Synthesis and RNA Processing

Lecture and discussion













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