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How happy is the man who has a good neighbour! My next-door neighbour is Mr. Ramesh Sharma. He is Professor of English in Delhi University. He is a good-looking smart young man of forty-six. He has a good deal of interest in sorts. He is also interested in social service. He is fine player, too.

A noble man: Mr. Sharma is a noble man. It is difficult to find a noble man these days, but he is an exception. He cannot stand the sight of anybody in trouble. Only last year a dacoity was committed in his friend’s house. Luckily, Mr. Sharma was in his house which is a little away from his friend’s house. He ran to him, telephoned the police, collected some people and chased away the dacoits. He is always ready to help his neighbours in distress with money, advice and his presence.

His personality: Mr. Sharma is social workers, too. Whenever there is any occasion, he is found anxious to help his friends. He is friendly to all. He is a neither proud nor jealous. He wants to see everyone prosperous and rich. Mr. Sharma is a good talker. He makes us interested in his talk. And it is a pleasure to listen to him talking on different matters. Sometimes he will discuss politics with a sense of responsibility. He always gives sound argument for his point of view. He is so social and friendly that he is like by all, ignored by none.

His habits & Conclusion: Mr. Sharma is always well-dressed. But he is not after changing fashions. He is a man of taste. He is fond of reading, writing and buying new books. He often throws parties to his friends. He does not mind spending money of parties. On such occasions he is again a good talker trying to entertain his guests as best as he can. Who would not feel happy in having a friend like him? I am really lucky to get such a good neighbour.

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Essay No. 01

Our Neighbours

It is one’s good luck if one has good neighbours. I am very lucky that on both sides of my house the families living are very good and kind.

            On the east of my house we have the Paul’s and on the west we have the Joseph’s.  They are both peace-loving families.

            In Mr. Paul’s family there are three more members beside him. Mr. Paul is a doctor. He goes to the hospital in the morning and comes back by eight at night sometimes he has to go in the middle of the night also for emergency cases. We meet him on Sunday and other holidays. He is very fond of children. I sometimes play tennis with him.

            Mrs. Paul is fat but very kind hearted. She too loves children. Her children are of my age and we play together daily. Mrs. Paul is a teacher in the local school. I think she makes a very good teacher.

            Her son, John, is of my age. We go to school together and study in the same class. We sit on the same bench. He is very good at games, but not so much in studies. He is the captain of our school cricket team.

            His sister, Tanya, is our senior in school. She is a brilliant student, always coming first in class. She plays the piano very well and also is a good debater.

            Our western neighbours are the Joseph. Mr. Joseph is a businessman. He is quite prosperous but does not show his wealth off. He is very helpful and does a lot of charity work. He considers service to mankind his primary duty.

Mrs. Joseph is housewife. She is not very educated but keeps her house very well. She has a keen sense of cleanliness. She cooks very well and often bakes a cake for us.

             The Joseph’s have a son and a daughter. Both of them are very intelligent and hard working. I feel very happy in their company.

We go for picnics and other outing with both our neightbours. All of us have a good time together. There has never been a quarrel between us.

May our friendship last always!


Essay No. 02


Our Eastern Neighbours

 It is one’s good luck if one has good neighbours. On the eastern side, we have Jollies. They are a small family. They are peace-loving people.

Jollies comprise four members. Mr. Jolly is an engineer in a local company. He is a very honest man. He goes to his office early in the morning and returns late at night. On Sundays and holidays, I sometimes go, to him and get his blessings. He loves children in particular.  Mrs. Jolly is a very fat lady. But she is very kind-hearted. She too loves children. She often invites me to her house to play with her kids. She is a constable in the local police station. If one would like to see a really good policeperson, one should meet her.

Master Jolly is of my age. We go to school together. We read in the same class. We sit on the same bench. Though he is not quite good at studies, he is very well in games. He is the Captain of our school cricket team.

Miss Jolly studies in 7th class in the J.V.H. School. She is a brilliant girl. She always stands first in her class. She can play the violin. She is also a good speaker. The teachers are surprised that at such a little age she can speak so well.

I’m proud of my neighbours who live on the eastern side of my house. May they always enjoy the bliss of peace and happiness.


Essay No. 03

Our Western Neighbours

 On the western side of our house, we have Sethi as neighbours. They are very good people and this is our good luck. Our previous neighbours on this side were not so good. They left the house last month and the Sethi rented the house in their place. We were happy to find this change. The Sethi is comprise a small family. Mr. Sethi is a doctor. He has his own clinic in the local market. He goes to his clinic early in the morning. He comes for lunch in the afternoon and takes some rest. He goes back to his clinic in the evening and returns late at night. He is  very helpful to all. He considers service to mankind his primary duty.  He does not charge high fees. But he gives good effective medicines to  his patients.

Mrs. Sethi is a housewife. She is not highly educated. But she has a  keen sense of cleanliness. She encourges her children to go to school regularly and work hard. She goes to the temple daily.  The Sethi have two children—a son and a daughter. Both of them  are very intelligent and hardworking. They are not only good at studies  but also they are good sports persons.. I feel very happy in their company.  They read in different schools. But I visit them on Sundays and holidays.  Sometimes, they come to our house to play with me. My mother loves  them very much. May they live long !

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