Group Assignment Cover Sheet Monash Wes

How to apply


Apply using the end-of-semester assessment form (pdf 125kb) and submit it to your school.

South Africa

Apply using the end-of-semester assessment form (pdf 125kb) and submit it to Student Services.


Students enrolled at an Australian campus use the online system below only for end-of-semester exams that appear in your exam timetable in WES. If you have another type of assessment, see the section on other assessment tasks.

Apply online

Unable to sit a supplementary exam

If you're applying for special consideration for a supplementary exam (you have a grade of NS), use the end-of-semester assessment form (pdf 125kb) and submit to the faculty teaching the unit.


From semester one 2017 you'll no longer be able to cancel your exam once you attend, but can't complete it.

Applying before the exam (early applications)
If you don’t think you’ll be able to attend or complete your exam, due to illness or other serious situation, and believe you meet the eligibility criteria for special consideration, make sure you apply before the deadline.

You can apply for early approval of a deferred exam up until five University working-days before your exam.

On the day of the exam
If you can’t attend your exam due to exceptional circumstances, including serious or acute illness, to be considered for special consideration, you must apply within two University working-days of your last exam.

If you suddenly become unwell during your exam, tell an exam supervisor and they'll advise an appropriate course of action. We recommend you try to finish your exam if you are able, because in most circumstances, if you turn up to your exam and have seen and/or attempted to answer the exam questions, you will not be eligible for a deferred exam.

Late applications

Late applications may be accepted at the discretion of the Dean of your unit teaching faculty but will not, under any circumstances, be accepted after the results have been released. This also applies to other assessment tasks.

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