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Usps Synthesis Paper

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USPS Synthesis Essay
If I were the current CEO for the United States Postal Service, I would be gravely concerned about the future of my business, as it has recently taken a steep plummet from its success and popularity in the 19th and 20th centuries. The USPS is now faced with the decision to renovate itself due to the extreme loss of business as technology takes over the 21st Century. Some say that the USPS should be entirely reconstructed because the business is only headed further downhill, while others say that paper mail is still very practical, more so than e-mail, and we must each write more letters to do our part in reviving the business to profitability again. Because the USPS has been such a vital part of our country through…show more content…

Especially in urban cities buzzing with the latest technology, many would agree that, “you don’t need a full-service post office every few blocks in New York, for example” (Source A). In addition, I spend every summer with my dad in Chicago, and because there is a USPS post office right around the corner of our apartment building, I have noticed from passing it every day that it is the one store on State Street that is empty 90 percent of the time. In my experience, Postmaster General John Potter is correct in wanting to “close and consolidate 154 post offices”, significantly reducing operating costs and employment. Strategy is key; by shutting down the offices with the lowest production and necessity, USPS will no longer be uselessly spending money.
Another point the USPS should take into consideration when restructuring, is that it is too easy for most Americans nowadays to forget the significance of a hand written letter or card, when we can communicate within seconds through technology. Come to think of it, I remember running to the mailbox in excitement every November to collect a special, pink birthday card from my grandma with her messy cursive scrawled across the envelope. Now, my “special” birthday wishes are in a 30 second voicemail she leaves from her cell phone every year. The USPS must remind us of the significant difference it can make in communication by recapturing its emotional importance through advertising.

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As a child, some of my fondest memories were of running down the street to check the mail.   I always had to see if there was something for me.   If there was, I would then run home and proceed to open and read whatever I got.   If it was special, from family and such, I would store it in a special place.   In today's society however, many people use alternatives to the USPS.   These alternatives include, email and shipping companies like UPS and Fed-Ex.   These alternatives are causing the USPS to lose billions of dollars every year.   So, if the USPS wants to survive, they must restructure the company in order to change our ever-changing society.
The Postal Services currently have a plan.   They plan to eliminate Saturday mail delivery and hire part time workers after the full time workers retire.   This in turn would save them roughly $40+ billion dollars. (cullen)   They are right in thinking this will save money.   However, this would only be in the short run.   Picture this,   you need to send a Christmas Present to family across the states and it is almost Christmas.   You have two choices.   Choice A ships five days out of the week, only during weekdays, and today is Friday.   Choice B ships seven days a week and gives options for shipping speeds.   Most people would choose Choice B.   This is because many more people would rather go for a more reliable company that can send there items at a much quicker rate. (stone)   So while yes, in the short run, they will be saving money, in the long run they will lose even more money from people switching over to other services.
What the Postal Service should do instead, is completely restructure the company in a positive way.   Instead of eliminating Saturdays, Sundays should be added.   This would increase the speed at which packages deliver, thus making them more reliable in the people's eyes.   Because of this, more consumers would be encouraged to send mail with the USPS instead of other delivery systems. (stone)
Between 2000 and...

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