Explain Critical Thinking And Creative Thinking Examples

Thinking in the 21st Century

Now, let me tell you ‘bout the newest subject at school
Getting more than one answer is the new golden rule
Last century the teachers taught you what to think
Now they’re teaching everybody how to think

We’re thinking in the 21st century!
Now, let me tell you what critical thinking is not
It’s not criticising everybody there on the spot
It’s the thinking we do when we judge an idea
Yeah, we question it and check it until it is clear

We’re thinking in the 21st century!

We ask the questions like “How do we know?” 
“How do we know this?” “Is it correct?”
Let’s find out the cause and then try to prove it?
And after we’ve proved it we’ll double-check
We will double-check

Now, let me make it clear just what creative thinking is  
It’s the way that we think when generating ideas
Like the  moment I get that inspiration
A bright idea pops into my imagination

Thinking in the 21st century!

Music and lyrics © James Phelps 2015
Vocals by Tanaya Kumar (age 14)
Published by Minds Wide Open

  • A person trying to interpret an angry friend’s needs, expressed through a rush of emotion and snide comments, to give that friend some help and support.
  • A manager trying to be as objective as possible when settling a dispute by summarizing the alternatives, with fairness to all sides to a disagreement.
  • A team of scientists working with great precision through a complex experiment in an effort to gather and analyze data.
  • A creative writer organizing ideas for the plot of a story and attending to the complex motivations and personalities of the fictional characters.
  • A person running a small business trying to anticipate the possible economic and human consequences of various ways to increase sales or reduce costs.
  • A master sergeant and a captain working out the tactical plans for a dangerous military mission.
  • A soccer coach working during halftime on new tactics for attacking the weaknesses of the other team when the match resumes.
  • A student confidently and correctly explaining exactly to his or her peers the methodology used to reach a particular conclusion, or why and how a certain methodology or standard of proof was applied.
  • An educator using clever questioning to guide a student to new insights.
  • Police detectives, crime scene analysts, lawyers, judges, and juries systematically investigating, interrogating, examining, and evaluating the evidence as they seek justice.
  • A policy analyst reviewing alternative drafts of product safety legislation while determining how to frame the law to benefit the most people at the least cost.
  • An applicant preparing for a job interview thinking about how to explain his or her particular skills and experiences in a way that will be relevant and of value to the prospective employer.
  • Parents anticipating the costs of sending their young child to college, analyzing the family’s projected income, and budgeting projected household expenses in an effort to put aside some money for that child’s future education.
  • A financial planner anticipating the impact of new income tax legislation on a client’s future tax liabilities.
  • A first responder coming upon the scene of an accident and quickly analyzing the situation, evaluating priorities, and inferring what actions to take in what order.

 Examples from Facione, P. & Gittens C. Think Critically, Pearson Education

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