Primary Research Paper Ideas On Child

A child nutritionist gives her advice.

It's not laziness that is causing some parents to overfeed their children.

A healthy diet is a good idea, but cutting out entire food groups is not.

The UK isn't doing enough to help mums breastfeed successfully

Lunchtime is one more lesson on what a healthy meal should look like.

Getting local farmers involved in school feeding schemes has the potential to boost livelihoods and revitalise rural economies in Africa.

Parents need to know the truth about formula milk.

Here are some tips to get your picky eater into lifelong healthy habits.

To combat childhood obesity, we need to start from day one.

Ghana's school feeding programme has reached millions of children in the past 11 years. It does important work, but needs more support to grow and become sustainable.

Adults who had a low birthweight or were undernourished as young children are more likely to experience high blood pressure and obesity.

Eating breakfast is associated with higher grades in English, maths and science.

Last month Burger King took soft drinks off of their kids' menu. But will making low-fat milk and apple juice the new default options change how kids eat?

Give your children bran for breakfast and they could concentrate better at school.

The NHS is 67 years old, on its knees and struggling, and its patients are not doing much better. Launching the Labour Party’s new plans for public health today – it’s an election year after all – the…

Ravenous students, busy parents, nutrition professionals and school officials all have their own ideas about what belongs on the school lunch table. Plenty of criticism centers on the unhealthiness of…

How many times have we heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day? There’s overwhelming evidence to suggest that it is, especially for children. Eating breakfast has been shown to improve…

From celebrity chef Jamie Oliver’s Money Saving Meals to blogging mum Jack Monroe’s 100 Delicious Budget Recipes to the NHS Eat4Cheap campaign, eating well on a budget is now a national pastime. But research…

Poor nutrition is a primary cause behind the rising cost of health care in many developed countries. Although pupils have good knowledge of what is healthy and what is not, that does not always translate…

We should be concerned about our children’s diets. In 2011, nearly 10% of four to five-year-olds in the UK were classified as obese. By the time they leave primary school, nearly 20% of children are obese…

It has been predicted we will need 1,627 more classes for primary students nationally before 2025, and to respond to this demand we need to fix the gender imbalance in the teacher workforce.

A recent report suggests reception classes should spend less time playing and more time focusing on literacy and mathematics.

The latest What Kids Are Reading report finds that secondary school students aren't challenging themselves – and it could limit their choices later in life.

Research shows that for children, the most important aspect of school life are the relationships they build with their friends and teachers.

Education Minister Simon Birmingham is right to be concerned about the number of children struggling with literacy - but this test is not the solution.

Despite the need for both male and female teachers, male primary school teachers could be extinct by 2067.

Many parents are demanding less technology use in the classroom due to the amount of screen time children get at home. This story explores whether maths education and technology go hand in hand.

Jerome Bruner, Kathy Sylva and Catherine Snow are names we are more familiar with than we think.

Young children have little time set aside to learn a foreign language. They must make the most of it.

The continuing decline in the numbers of male primary school teachers suggests more attention needs to be placed on retaining those already in the profession.

Writing is a fundamental outcome indicator of learning across subjects and grades. The latest NAPLAN results tell us we need to do more to empower children with these skills.

The transition from early learning parent involvement to primary school level often leads to less face time with school and teachers and more home-based support for children.

Why a common sense approach is needed when it comes to autism and primary school tests.

Over the years, our understanding of how language and learning are linked has shifted and changed. There is ample evidence about the value of mother-tongue-based multilingual education.

Many people look down on foundation phase teachers, believing it requires little training or expertise. This couldn't be further from the truth.

The gap between boys and girls starts early and grows quickly.

Three reasons why the new progress measures may be a misleading indicator of school performance.

Do we really need to focus on things like spelling or memorising dates if technology can do that for us? Perhaps education should focus on other things instead.

If we want our children to stay healthy, we need to start making it a priority for schools.

The role of private tuition plays a part in the overall success of students in Singapore, with around 80% of primary-school children having at least three hours of private tuition a week.

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